With both in their prime, who would win..ali or tyson?

Ok, if it were possible for Ali in his prime to fight Tyson in his prime, who do you think would win, Ali or Tyson, and why? I'm suprised this question does'nt get asked more often since they're both legends.

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  • Prime tyson defeats all.

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  • Tyson wouldn't have lost if not for all the mental shit. Losing cus. Becoming a multi millionaire and being distractected by money and everything.

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  • Its unfair to say because most people don't realize that Tyson wasn't just a mental case with insane power, he actually did NOTHING BUT, eat, breathe, and study boxing when he was young under Cus D'Amato. He watched videos of all the great fighters including Ali and basically did nothing else besides training.

    To make this hypothetical more fair, let's assume Tyson had no knowlege of Ali or any subsequent fighter. I still think Tysons relentlessness, speed, and power would have overcome Ali and anyone else in their "era corrected primes"

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    • good point..what's interesting is the fact that Ali once lost to a fighter of similar stature to Tyson,and Tyson once to someone of similar speed and style as Ali! I honestly can't call this one! Maybe a draw?? It would definitely be the greatest fight ever!!

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