Why when i hear bells in my house does someone come to the door?

Every time I hear these bells in my house, I commence to lookin for 'em then someone knocks on the door. I've asked my uncle Jed about it and he don't know.

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  • Back in the day with my uncle Jed he kept a lot of moonshine out in the shed.

    Taught me how to drink, how to be real proud of my hillbilly ways and my outlaw style.

    Sry anytime I hear the name Jed I have to do that

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  • The doorbell is fascinating isn’t it.

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  • It's magic.

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  • must be the wind

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  • Dang Jethro Boudine.

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  • It's all in your head.

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  • Memory works.
    If someone in the house, we tend to get the feeling I'm not alone.
    When someone near by the door if you see them or not, if your senses triggers it happens.
    When normally, someone comes to the house they ring the bell. It's has become the common, incident hence, our brain grasp that as a general situation. If there are someone near the door next step bell rings. Your memory recycle the previous occurrence and you experience, not the reality but a memory but it's accurate because previous incident were accurate.
    Same as try to say EA sports. Your brain automatically will go, 'EA sport, to the game and you hear the sound too in your memory. ( If you have played video games ofc )
    Summary is this,
    Memory recycles it self with familiar incidents and how much sensitive you are to the surrounding, depends what kinda a memory comes out.

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