Why i can't pair my apple watch?

My IPhones IOS was 11.8.6. For my apple watch it need to be 12.0 or 12.0+. So I updated it 12.5.4 which is latest. But when I starts to pair it, a massage shown in iPhones screen that I have to update my IOS. But when I enter in the software update option, it says my iphone is up to date. But I can't pair it. Why this is happening? And what should I do now?

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  • Forced obsolescence.

    Apple likes to force you to purchase updated phones, ipads, and computers by limiting newer items or applications to only itemes they have built in the last 3-5 years.

    I have an iphone 8 and its IOS is 14.6; so you have to have an older phone if you are on IOS 11.8

    I've had an apple laptop computer and a set of ipads (her/his set) that are now largely functionally useless because of Apple's forced obsolescence. It occurred on both at about 5 years after purchase. In both cases it was that the devices could no longer be updated to be compatible with basic apps (the computer could no longer recover my email, or even print to a 6 month old printer in anything but basic ASCII code letters), and the ipads could no longer run Skype (that happened about a year ago) because the new Skype App required an upgraded IOS that could not be downloaded to older ipads.

    It's one reason that I will likely never buy another apple computer or ipad. I like devices that are allowed to function as long as they still work. Apple intentionally disables key common features on equipment at I believe 5 years old based on my personal experience.

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    • I considered replying to this OP with "Because you've chosen to live in the crappy Apple ecosystem", but I restrained my snarkiness.

      Seems my instinctive reaction was correct, though.

      Apple is a truly evil company, and it's beyond me why anyone buys their overpriced shit.

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