Why do you choose living in a fantasy world?

Why do you choose to be blind and not face reality?

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  • Because I can't bare it. It makes me physically nauseous to consider this actual state of reality we are in. I can only control so much of it and change is the steady river that shapes the pebble. Reality is a sad, dark place so why not just be a unicorn?

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  • Because reality is bleak and boring with minimal twists and turns. Anything worth talking about usually has a negative impact on someone's life. Everyone is exactly the same but with different canvases but everyone's experiences have lead them up to a point where they're all the same really.
    Look outside. What do you see? Was it the same yesterday? Yes, yes it was. Maybe it was sunny or rainy. Maybe there was a person walking their dog. But not much really changes.
    Now look at yourself. What are you doing now that was different from yesterday? Maybe you're clothes are different. Maybe you're sitting in a new seat. But nothing has really changed.
    Look at the world as a whole. Look at humanity. The way we want to change is by eradicating racism, illnesses, animals. All three of these things will always exist and so we can never really change it.

    But in your imagination no two days are the same. In the real world you'll get up, do a morning routine, go to work or wherever, do an evening routine, sleep and maybe see family and friends a few times a month. In your imagination you're anyone you want to be, free from the inconveniences of humanity.

    That's why people dream. For a life not filled with boredom.

    It's the same everywhere. In third world countries they dream of food, water, safety. They dream of a better life.
    We already have food, water and safety so we dream of excitement and fun rather than the same routine over and over again.

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  • facing reality makes me depressed

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  • Dreams is where you can make anything happen and then it's your story to tell, no one else's.

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  • Boredom.

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  • I don't live in a fantasy world, because every morning I wake up even though I'd rather sleep some more.

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  • We dream of things we don't know of. Sometimes life is boring. We gotta spice it up by dreaming of different things. Some are fun, some are dark, some are terrifying, etc.

    "You must stay drunk on imagination, so that reality may not destroy you." -Slightly edited quote from Ray Bradbury.

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