Why do we tend to hate people?'

Has anyone noticed a societal shift in recent decades (I'm talking 1990s onward) that if someone does something wrong to you, people believe you should automatically hate them, stop loving them, respecting them, etc? People make mistakes but are we less forgiving than we used to be? (I still love to forgive.)

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  • Because everyone now is so easily offended and it's become hip to be a victim with a grievance.

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  • The reason why is simply because that person is either unworthy of liking to begin with or has wronged you. If someone wrongs me then they are out. I neither forgive nor forget.

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  • I think people are so linked by social media, that they can be gratified by complete strangers.

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    • Yessss

      Its easy to think your stupid opinion matters when other stupid ppl like your post

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  • Whenever I forgave someone that screwed me over, they went and did it again later on, so yeah, I'm not about to keep associating with them if they've compromised their integrity.

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  • Didnt notice the rise of social media? With greater connectivity groups that you despise are closer than ever. Leading to increased aggression against "other" groups.

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  • I believe hate is rooted in fear, and insecurity. Since we as humans want to protect OUR OWN interests in priority, hate is only a side effect of this.

    Hate is terrible, and no it is not a good thing. However, hate IS normal.

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  • Well ngl I am kind of like that but it depends on if the person redeems themself or not.
    If it's a friend of mine that has hurt me but they recognize what they did, we talk it out and they genuienly apologize and never repeats that behaviour I do not hate them. On the flipside I respect them more because everyone makes mistakes but not everyone can own up to said mistakes and care to try and be a better person.
    But if someone hurts me and doesn't show that they care at all and keeps acting in a disrespectful, selfish manner or if they pretend to feel sorry but it's obviously fake and nothing changes afterwards then I do tend to hate them and I definietely cut them off for good. I at least decide they are nothing to me anymore.
    That said a good apology and a changed behaviour means a lot to me. I was bullied as a kid and if those girls came to me now and wanted to apologize I would let them speak and I wouldn't have any problem forgiving them. I would definietely respect them for making that effort too if I felt it was genuine, if I felt it wasn't i'd just laugh inside but i'd forgive anyways for my own sake. And to be above them.

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  • Some people do it because they're insecure and jealous of that person.

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  • I have noticed.

    'Love your enemy', 'Turn the other cheek'...

    It's so, like, regressively Judeo-Christian.

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  • You can't forgive everybody lol. And if someone does you dirty, you have every right to stop respecting them anyways lmao.

    Edit: Also, because I can.

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  • It depends.

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