Why do diabetics have horrid breath

This seems to be common with Type-1 Diabetics. When I speak to them I notice rancid musky smell. My only guess is that it’s from their medication or perhaps hyperglycemia causes ginger virus.

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  • I googled "diabetic bad breath". Everything YOU want to know popped up on the first page.

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    • But their breath didn’t smell like nail polish, and if it wasnt deadly, a fruity scented breath seems cool.

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      • In that case, gingivitis could be the problem. Diabetics have poor circulation.

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  • Meds give dry mouth.

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  • Deepdeepdeepdah!
    Dontcha hate it when they go, "Ahh"

    Their teeth be'a rottin'
    'Cuz down to the sweets shop they've been'a trottin'

    From a bad tooth you wouldn't believe
    The stench the mouth does receive

    Ketones, acetone, gum disease
    Gingivitis, halitosis, kill me please

    Dry mouth from meds
    Up glucose heads
    On the way to their sick beds

    Soda, ice cream, brownies
    Say "No no no" to them lil' sweeties
    That's how you avoid diabetes

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  • Idk but since I started my 0 carb ketogenic diet my breathe has smelt terrible. Its a common side effect apparently. Ive never had breathe like this.

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  • I don't know. Now I'm curious as to the answer.

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