Why are americans so religious?

I'm a Dutch guy. Over here, religion, generally speaking, isn't really a big deal. In the U.S., however, a huge amount of people seem to be hyper-religious. How come?

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  • why are europeans so obsessed with tellin americans how much they suck?

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    • We're not. We realize not all Americans are alike and that plenty of them are cool.

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  • Because we don't wear wooden shoes, grow tulips & we eat cane sugar & not beat sugar that's why.

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  • I think it's getting a lot less religious. But thjnk about it...America was formed by Europeans who wanted religious colonies.

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  • It's part of our culture. Many religions came to the U.S. because of the religious freedom and more religions started in the U.S. because of that freedom. What makes me sad, is how the media and the internet tries act as if all these religions and sects are exactly the same and that they are ALL ignorant, hateful and sexist.
    This is not true.

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  • Karl Marx explained it succinctly: "Religion is the opium of the people."

    What he meant by that is that religion is helpful to people because it distracts them from their immediate suffering and provides them with pleasant illusions which give them the strength to carry on.

    If you live in a dog-eat-dog society where you've constantly been fed lies about how anyone can become a millionaire if they only work hard and play by the rules, but the deck has been stacked against you and the dealer keeps changing the rules to your disadvantage, then it's very easy to understand why many people desperately need to believe that they'll eventually get some sort of reward.

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  • Other than the native Americans; most of the initial European immigrants to the United states where either people seeking religious freedom (religion was a huge issue for them), entrepreneurs (people looking to become more wealthy by starting a business), and people fleeing the law.

    The foundations of America are thus: Religious Freedom, Protection of Business, and Civil Rights and that there is an assumption of innocence and protections against unwarranted law enforcement.

    The degree of importance of religion in America stems from that foundation.

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