Which states and locales should i seek residency in

What I'd like to get out of where I live is affordable housing, apartment or house renting, single living without roommates. I don't currently have roommates, so I make the income requirement for where I live. Can go into further detail, as long as it's handled with tact

I'd also like to enroll in college classes, specifically psychology and possibly criminal justice. I'd like to go to a class rather than do something all online. And if there's a state or city with some college tuition plan or something that can help make going to college and working easier, that would definitely be a plus

I'm familiar with restaurant work and can do other jobs, like ups package handling or something that pays more if it's available. I've worked warehouses and factories. I would love office work though, haha...

And also I wanna live near the ocean. I kinda have a vision of a secluded cliff with a grassy plain and the sound of the waves crashing and the salt in the air.

I kinda wanna avoid California, but I was thinking Oregon or Washington might be good contenders. I'm not sure if there are many cliffs on the east coast. I'm also not sure about colleges at all, which I'm not looking for the very best but good enough to mean something. I suspect if I sniff out a good area, a real estate agent could really help me find a good place

So, any states/cities you guys can think of that meet what I'm looking for

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  • A lot of good jobs in Michigan, most of which start out at about $15, some good colleges to. Whitmer is a joke, but so are all politicians. With the great lake's, come awesome views. I've lived in a few states, and countries, but always wind up coming back to Michigan.

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  • If you are willing to give up the ocean view I suspect at least 30 states could provide what you are looking for.

    Please research State Residency Requirements so you can get "instate" tuition (South Dakota is 1 day, I believe there is one state where its 1 year).

    Also research political leanings and area attractions and recreation to find a place suitable to you.

    Climate too. Do you like or are willing to try 4 distinct seasons (with a cold winter with snow and ice), or 2 or 3. That makes a big difference too.

    Certain areas of the Great Lakes also provide a similar experience to Ocean Views (you cannot see across the lake). I happen to live in the small city with the best beach in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, other than possibly Milwaukee. My wife loves that beach, and all the parks along Lake Michigan. Of course, we have snow and ice in the winter...

    If you insist on a real ocean view; you are likely going to be in a higher cost of living area if you are in a City with a good College or University.

    There are some great places to live in the USA - in many states.

    I wish you the best...

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  • Knoxville Tennessee has the university of Tennessee and houses are dirt cheap around there. Its also in the mountains. Its beautiful.

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  • .in

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  • If yiur willing to drop the oceon part possibly the good in person schooling as well a studio in a good part of town will set you back 450ish in north dakota. Min wage is 7$ here but almost no one pays that low. Target pays 15 starting. The warehouse I work at pays 18 starting if you get a basic caveman job. Lots of options

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