When turned on what is it like mentally for you?

So I want to start out by saying this is not a troll post I'm genuinely curious about something of my own sexuality and potentially implications or if I'm just normal.

So for some reason I love sucking dick (I know I know just bear with me please) I have no problems with this however when I look back on think on my own mental state when I find myself in positions where there's men in front of me and you know sex stuff it's like a fog goes over my brain. Between his scent the taste etc it's really hard to think of other things.

I find it most noticeable when I was with my ex. We'd be talking nothing sexusl just normal conversation sometimes even serious stuff and on occasion he'd just grab me softly and start feeding his fingers into my mouth and it's like I could feel my brain shutting down like a fog moving in and just hiding all the important stuff. I dont know how to describe it better than that. I obviously have an oral fixation no suprise but the potential ramifications of this im curious.

Is this normal? Does the same thing happen to everybody when a type of sexusl stimulation that they find most enjoyable gets introduced into their day do you feel your brain shutting down to all else but the exclusion of that particular activity?

Or is that a sign of something nefarious? Was I potentially groomed when I was little? I have no memory of any such things. Perhaps I'm just mental or have some disorder? Did I perhaps condition myself when I was little by exploring the world through an intellectual path and back channels (my parents and teachers and so on never wanted to teach me anything and me being insanley curious and wanting to know everything spent a massive amount of my freetime seeking out knowledge about everything I could think of including sexual stuff)

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  • Yeah I mean when you're having sex you dont really think of anything else.

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    • See I constantly do. It's pretty much only even I'm giving oral on someone that I'm truly focused on the moment

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  • Nothing wrong with being a cocksucker.

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    • Thats not what's being asked

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