When people are arseholes

I suppose it's normal to be an arsehole, which people in USA regard as evil, selfish, and obstinate (I think that's it, never mind I'll fantasise that as a reality). Arseholes have a mother who sugarcoats their every move and loves them but nobody else bloody well does, I came across like an arsehole and I know I've been an arsehole since I was 18 years old and the shopkeep when I said "I'll come back here when I have any money" said "asshole" and he would deny that he called me an arsehole, therefore arseholery begins in the mind: people will think of you as an arsehole, or your subconscious tells you you're an arsehole, and a psychopath acts like it's OK like they're not an arsehole. If you've received flattery from the people who love you, and everyone's calling you a nice person yet you seem to annoy another you might be an arsehole because you can't be told you're an arsehole. Your dad is flat-out honest with his son, he will call him an arsehole, and if you played the fool he'll literally kick you in the bum. Remember you're an arsehole but you're a decent person, you might have morals nobody else understands, maybe even some shit morals you refuse to change and won't admit it's shit, or you come across as rude, but remember that the arseholes are more persuasive and have bigger influence than the nice guys, it's arseholes that reinvented veganism, it's arseholes that make good dictators and it's arseholes that get the vote as president, arseholes even get to be kings because of their strict rule and disobedience (don't worry, they'll get their heads chopped off eventually). Read the history books, you'll find history's filled with arseholes, Hitler was an arsehole, but he's the fascination for a vegetarian diet, and Stalin was an arsehole but there was no messing about with him. Think about it.

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