When a dude dont got nothing to do with his kids

When I find out a guy I know aint got nothing to do with his kids I look at him different. It's always the excuse of "the mom's a bitch she dont let me see them" but I think there's usually more to the story and the dude is just a deadbeat dad.

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  • Sad thing is they take the time to lay down with them, they get pregnant but then the guy says "oh my boys tell me shes sleeping with x number of guys and so it's not my kid."

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  • When a dude "don't got nothin to do with his kids". Is this what we can call a triple negative ? So if they "don't got nuthin" so he has something ? Or has nothing to do with his kids?

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  • Hey if the guy actually has a bitch for a mother of his kids theres a whole lot more flexibility for the mother than the father. Courts mostly favor mothers, not without good precedent. Then again I support whomever is being the better parent for the longterm.

    Divorce courts are probably the most dangerous courts for people to find themselves in. The sheer amount of slander that is flung is scary.

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    • This is sometimes the case but many times it is also that they were never married and the dad doesnt even reach out because he dislikes the mom and it became an ego war with the kid caught in between.

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