What should i do? (educational situation)

26/27 single woman. I believe knowledge and researching is my thing. I graduated uni with a C. I applied for the Master program (2 years pre master) in the uni I graduated from. And for the diploma program (2 years before being qualified for the master program in the same university which is 2 yeaes pre master as well, that's because I graduated with a c) in another university.

I went to the diploma first and I liked that faculty and got a long well with the people there, unlike my feelings towards the other university. But it's a matter of years. I think it's illegal in my country to be in two governmental universities at the same time. It's possible to get away with it, though.

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  • It depends on your Country rules.

    In the USA, you can be enrolled in multiple universities at the same time as long as you are paying the appropriate tuition and fees.

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