What should be the answer?

If a 5-10 years old child asks his/her parents that how a baby born? How it came to mother's womb? What should be the answer? As they don’t know about sex,is it ok to tell them the reality?

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  • Yes! The penis goes into the vagina and deposits sperm that will fertilize the egg. Then the baby grows. Kids that age don't need an elaborate and detailed explanation. Keep it simple and they will stop asking questions.

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  • tell them the TRUTH. I don't get why it's normal in society to lie to kids and hide things from them, especially when it's fucking natural and normal and it's a part of LIFE.

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    • Cause kids are pretty stupid. You could explain sex to them in the plainest words possible and there's a minuscule chance that they'll have any idea of what the fuck you just said

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  • Grow up on a farm by 5 or 8 you'll know the basics!

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  • My ten year old knows that to make a baby you need cells from a male and a female. He knows what a period is. He knows women have 3 holes and what they’re for. But he’s probably forgotten. We’ve discussed sex on cellular level. Not a physical one. Obviously he if he asks more questions I’ll tell him.

    My 5 year old knows he should’ve came out of my butt but he had to get cut out of my belly. And that if he keeps touching his wiener so much, it’ll fall off. 😂😂

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  • Tell him that his dad (or biological dad) fertilized your egg by the two of you having sex (modify this if conceived by artificial insemination) and he grew inside of your lower belly, and came out a passageway that is intended for babies (or cut out by surgery because it would likely harm you too much as your passageway is smaller than normal, or defective).

    If he asks more questions find some basic sex education material for children on the internet and let him review the material until his curiosity is satisfied.

    If he asks about sex. Tell him that most people have sex with agreeable partners for pleasure and creating babies, and a few have sex for other typically bad reasons (rape, etc.); and that someday you hope that he will also be able to do that properly with an appropriate and willing partner for him. Again the basic sex education material for children should cover that adequately.

    There's no reason to hide anything and tell him factual information.

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  • Five I would say is a bit young and “I’ll tell you when you’re older” might be the best response.

    Ten is old enough to know about sex, it’s important to remember that when parents don’t educate their children their friends in the playground will. There are plenty of books that explain sex and puberty in a child appropriate and non-scary way.

    I learned about sex aged 9 when my parents gave me a book explaining the basics, or rather I came home from school to find it in my room. Delighted that I finally knew how babies were made I quickly told my 7 year-old sisters and their friend. Luckily I didn’t seem to disturb them at all but, as I said, it’s worth baring in mind that well meaning peers may take it upon themselves to educate more innocent children.

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  • The daddy squirts out white goo from his wee wee onto the mommy and a babby grows in her stomach.

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  • https://ibb.co/HgzQ66P

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