What's the weirdest thing a stranger asked you?

Over the years in my adulthood strangers have asked me odd things.

I think the weirdest was when this screaming old lady who was handing out church pamphlets asked me if I watch out for black people. I took a pamphlet but ignored her question.

Or maybe it was when I was asked by this dude who looked no older than 22 if I would shit on him for 500 bucks. I said no and told him to learn how to properly socialize.

Or maybe it was that time a guy asked me if he can see the design on my wallet. I just got out of the ATM and I'm pretty sure he knew that and I wasn't falling for it.

How about you?

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  • An old man wearing nothing but overalls asked me "Do you want to go get some pussy?" when I was 18. I had literally never seen this man before and was already in a relationship.

    The only other contender would be when a lady asked me if Pokemon was devil worship.

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  • If I wanted pizza, because she did.

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  • A lady who worked at the Costco hawking free-samples asked if I needed antidepressants. She said that I looked clinically depressed, and gave me extra samples of coffee.

    Some guy in a Shriner hat asked me if I was English once. He remarked that if it was the case, I may have Viking ancestry, and then he walked off.

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  • Everything.

    Why are you talking to me other human.

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  • One guy asked me if he could pee in my carina. Was interesting encounter to say the least

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  • Hey you got the time? Fucking weirdo.

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  • When I worked at a gas station I met a tweaker who asked me for meth.

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  • One time I took my grandma to go vote and I had my then baby with me. I got her out first so she could start walking and then got my son out. She got a few yards away and some old dude in a suit put his arm around her and got real close so I picked up the pace. I asked her wtf was going on and she said “he told me not to vote for the blacks”.

    I was enjoying this one customer I had while he was getting Togo food and a couple beers. He had to be easily 350 lbs. before he left he got really bashful and asked if he could pay me $100 to go down on me. I said no but it was flattering and that I would wait to tell everyone else in the bar until he left.

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  • A little after graduating high school I did a semester abroad where I worked at a resort that catered to a lot of international guests. One time when giving a tour, this one lady kept glancing back at me and whispering to the person next to her. I ignored it and at the end of the tour she asked if I was [so-and-so's] younger brother

    Turns out she actually knew my older brother from a humanitarian group they were both in that brought them down to Colombia and she happened to bump into me on the other side of the planet

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  • I will have to think about this

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  • I used to ride public transportation and got asked some doozies over 8 years. Like a guy asked me if he'd seen me on a spaceship. Or another guy asked me where he could see some movie stars. Oh and a woman asked me what color she should paint her bedroom.

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