What kind of airsoft gun should i get?

i want to get into airsoft and don't know what kind of gun i want

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  • You should get a bubble gun instead!

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  • It doesn't matter. Just as long as it looks real and that you point it at two or three police officers and shout Al Hula's Snackbar.

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  • First of all, i would recommend a two tone pistol first, you cannot get a black/silver gun as you need a licence for them, but if you dont have the licence you can get it two toned, i.e blue or green or red bright coloured. get a pistol and play with that 3 times in the space of 2 months and you will be illegible for a licence, THEN focus on getting something more automatic or bigger like an ak or sniper, if you want to be serious about airsoft and save money then this is the best route to go, also get gear too like a metal mesh and eye cover, maybe a helmet but it isnt needed. check beginners guides on youtube on airsoft and you can slowly start to build up as you play

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  • I would get a sniper but thats just me, anyways idk the ak?

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