What is your opinion on a southern accent?

I was wondering what everyones view is on southern accents.

I notice when I voice chat online as soon as people hear my accent they immediately troll with "He's a racist, he hates gay people" and they make some comments as if I am inferior to them because I'm southern and from the country.

I do feel like having a southern accent in today's world you are stereotyped to be stupid.

On the otherhand I do like having my accent. A lot of girls do seem to like it as well.

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  • A nigga loves southern accents on da hoes. It gives them a full bodied finish and a certain je ne sais quoi.
    If a nigga got a southern accent it makes them sound dumb coz they talk too slow with all them drawls and yalls

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  • I have a slight southern accent. I prefer it. I think it’s comforting and sweet.

    Racism is found anywhere. The ones assuming you’re racist are the ignorant ones.

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  • I wouldn't say its linked to racism as I'm sure not all of Southern people are racist.

    I'm sure theres plenty of nice people from there I bet.

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  • Depends on how strong it is.

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  • A nigga loves southern accents on da hoes.

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  • I like southern accents. I wish I had a more distinct accent like theirs

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  • I'm from London so a South accent is a home sound to me.

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