What is your favorite tv show

I’m just curious as to if people on here have the same favorite tv shows, I like the office and supernatural

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  • Depends on how good it is and if I have nothing else to do I don't like watching to much tv.

    But if I had to pick my most favorite shows if say.

    American horror story
    Angry beavers
    Invader zim
    The X-files
    Some foreign shows(specifically Spanish and French)
    Little house on the prairie(my great grandma loved that show)

    Those are just the ones at the top of my head that I can think of.

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  • how its made

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  • I watch supernatural. I liked buffy the vampire slayer too.

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  • I’m hooked on breaking bad rn but on the last season then I’ll probably go back to rewatching the office another 9 times.

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  • Right now my favs are:

    Liah Remeni: Scientology and the Aftermath
    Legend Hunter
    Gold Rush
    Curse of Oak Island (even tho I hate it)
    Worst Cooks in America
    Lost Gold

    I'm such a dork.

    All time favorites ever:

    Black Adder
    Fawlty Towers
    On the Busses

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  • I’m not going to lie, I love Spongebob.

    Outside of that I love Adult Swim. My favorite shows, Aqua Teen and SuperJail have been canceled though.

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  • Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens, River Monsters, Primal Survivor, George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, to name a few.

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  • The young ones. They don't make shows like that anymore.

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  • the x files is really good, spooky vibes :)

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  • Spartacus
    The Walking Dead
    The Simpsons (90's Simpsons anyway)
    Rick and Morty
    Gravity Falls

    And lots of others I can't think of right now

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  • The news, but there are so much nonsense I prefer to record it so that I may fast-forward.
    Others chefs travelling and finding home cooked meals.
    How it's made.
    Off road travelling.
    Mostly alternative medicine, and ways to dodge big pharma's poison meds.

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  • Breaking Bad

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  • Not a huge series guy, I just watch local TV. Got some stuff on there I watch regularly that no-one on here will know.

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  • The Grand Tour - Top gear's amazon reboot.
    Game of thrones
    Altered carbon
    La que se avecina - ridiculous Spanish series

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  • I mostly watch Netflix cause cable is too expensive to me but here’s some of the shows I like on there. Mind hunter, Criminal minds, The almighty Johnson’s, Gotham, Bojack Horseman, full metal alchemist, Rurouni kenshin, Shameless, dexter, the borgias, F is for the family, ripper street, Adam ruins everything and my two favorites are Lucifer, and the Originals.

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  • Designing women. Yeah it is 30 years old but whatever.

    It sucked though when they got rid of Delta. Jan Hook was not bad but nothing like Jean Smart.

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  • I don't watch anything now. I watched a lot of Gotham one year ago, though. I liked it a lot until it just seemed predictable and repetitive.

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  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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  • Ooo it's really hard to pick. Not a huge t.v. watcher.

    The best show i've ever seen probably was season 1 of "the returned" (the french version NOT the american one)...so, so, so good. Amazing acting, score, cinematography...just perfection.

    As far as comedies go, the office has been my fav so far.

    Unpopular opinion, i was not a huge fan of breaking bad.

    I really liked westworld season 1, and true detective season 1. "Kidding" w/ jim carey was pretty good.

    I can't think of a t.v. show that i've loved for the whole run.

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