What is wrong with me?

First off, I'm not depressed. I've never had major depressive disorder. However, I do have PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder.

But I feel an utter need to just not do anything. Nothing impresses me anymore. I just feel like blah. I don't like being around people anymore. You could be a celebrity or singer or president, and I'd want you to get the hell away from me.

I don't want to do anything that used to interest me. Hell, I barely want to leave home. I have no hobbies and only 1 or 2 close friends who I go out with on at least a monthly basis.

I've felt this way for about 2 years. What is wrong with me?

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  • What makes you say you’re not depressed?

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    • I don't feel depressed. I get up and do what I have to to survive. I exercise. I get everything I need to do, done...like pay bills on time, keep the house clean, etc.

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      • What you describe (feeling like "blah", disliking others' company, having no interests or hobbies) sounds exactly like depression. Even if you don't have clinical depression, you can still exhibit symptoms of depression for any number of reasons

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  • Mothafucka, have you tried turning yoself off and then on again? Guns work real well

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  • -Eat a lot of blueberries
    -Exercise(light jogging like 15mins every 2 days just to begin with)
    -Find something that makes u laugh
    -and masturbate

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  • Do exercises, sports.
    Take care of something.
    Relearn something.
    Make new friends.
    Plan a big plan but with a few eazy to do steps.
    Try to remember and note the things which you used to enjoy the most.
    Try something CRAZY (which doesn't involve harm).
    Play a game with a friend.
    Make lists of diverse stuff.
    Make collages.
    Improvise songs ( try Music Box Maker)
    List your normal needs.
    Make avisual novel in Kocho.
    Make a surprise present for someone.
    Create imaginary friends.
    Try surrel games from Nitro Rad's list.
    Create a play.
    Note: You don't need any knowledge to do any of these, just come up with their most basic premises and make the most out of them.

    Note: when i say "create something" try picking an object wich intrigues you, list everything you know about it and most importantly, with what can you combine it in order to show off its parts even more in an interesting way.
    I also have the exact same problem.
    I searched if i may have an mental illness or disorder but what i probably have the most and i can be somewhat sure is anhedonia or alexithymia or be schizoid in a way.

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    • That's a great, if not slightly overwhelming, list of things to try. I'd say that you could stop the list after the first item, though. Physical exercise is one of the most helpful things to combat depression. Even starting small, like go for a walk around the block and maybe increase the distance a little bit each day

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  • Your bidy is used to laying around all the time. Only way to get more energy at this point is to start walking about a mile a day. You'll be surprised how much energy it gives you. Then ramp it up more.

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    • I walk about 2-4 miles a day, every day...I still feel like this....

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  • This seems like depression.

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  • Sounds like depression.

    If not, you could just be a really dull person.

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  • I still think you sound depressed.

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  • Maybe you're just clinically fucked up.

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