What is biden trying to do to era?

What does this mean? 'Biden urges Congress to act now on Equal Rights Amendment"

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  • Biden is the worst president I have ever experienced. Single handedly caused the increased aggression in Ukraine by giving russia an out in invading.

    Sure trump was boisterous. You dont fuck with a guy who has an ego. "I'm gonna bomb the shit out of you!" Has its uses. Tells other countries to not to fuck around. Weak biden is causing other countries to fuck around. I'll be surprised if we arent in a war by the end of the year.

    The democrats are well aware that biden is failing horribly. Switching out a judge on SCOTUS right before the midterm is not a sign of confidence.

    Trump or Desantis for 2024. I perfer Desantis frankly, dont mind trump but I think Desantis has perks that trump cant bring to the table.

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    • One thing Trump had going for him is he was unpredictable. When he bombed salamani (which I didnt agree with) I think world leaders around the world feared him. Kim Jung Un was practically begging to be friends because Trump was telling him he'd remove the entire country from the map.

      The truth simply is we would not have russia about to invade ukraine and china about to invade taiwan if Trump was in office. Our enemies see the USA has never been weaker and after the Afghanistan pullout they see this is their best chance to take what they want because they believe we will never have a dumber administration in the USA and this is their best time to act.

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    • Honestly, both are shit.

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      • It's better than what the democratic party keeps on bringing to the table.

        I'm not trusting in bernie anymore (not that I would vote for him in the first place) he bends the knee everytime he loses. I play to win.

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        • I guess.

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          • You got to vote for the lesser of two evils. Not against someone. If biden actually had a plan for his presidency I would be far less pissed off than I am now.

            All of his plans have either worked fantastically (for his benefactors not us) or failed terribly (for all of us)

            Trump most likely would have tried reversing some of the effects of inflation by now by gaining more confidence in our economy. Instead the biden administration has tried to cover up the fact of inflation or lies about its effects.

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  • It's a complicated question with a complicated answer.

    The Equal Rights Amendment passed Congress and was sent to the States for Ratification in 1972. But, it had a deadline included.

    It was obvious that it would fail to get enough States to ratify it by the Original deadline, and Congress voted in 1979 to extend the deadline to 1982.

    It was not ratified by enough States by the deadline before it expired. The States refusing to ratify it were all solidly Republican States.

    After 1982 3 more States did ratify it... which had no legal basis or effect at the time.

    Instead of starting over a legal strategy was proposed that Congress could well after the expired deadline extend or eliminate the deadline in the original 1972 and 1979 Congressional authorizations.

    The US House of Representatives passed the legislation in 2021, and there is currently a Senate Bill that would do the same thing.

    The Senate Majority Leader is primarily responsible for the schedule on when the Senate Bill will be considered.

    It appears that the White House and the Senate Majority Leader has been focusing on other legislative actions that they feel are more important at this time.

    Time will tell if that changes.

    Then there is the issue that even if the Senate Bill passes, that the issue of can Congress actually extend a deadline that long expired will certainly end up in the US Supreme Court to determine if that is constitutional and legal.

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