What do you call people who aren't white?

I'm curious because the world have gotten so sensitive that any term you use is considered racist even if you didn't mean it like that but what if you need to describe someone and they're not white do you say "colored" or "black" or what?

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  • I just call them by their name, usually

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  • I call them people.

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  • Minorities

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  • My brothers and sisters! We are all one race, the human race. We’re all God’s children.

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  • I said people who aren't white. Reading ability?

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    • The answer you are wanting is coloured as it's not as racist as black etc
      But your better off calling people by their ethnicity not their colour as they can take it racist depending on who you talk to

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  • Human being.

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  • Usually by whatever ethnicity they could come from I.e, samoan, Asian, Filipino and if I can't tell, I call them foreigners

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  • Asian

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  • Less reflective

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  • Minority... IDK
    You can call me a BEANER,I don't care. I'm proud of my heritage,culture and people.

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  • Whatever their ethnicity is... Indian,Chinese, Hawaiian etc.
    If they are American... black, hispanic or mixed. If they have a preference fine but most dont say it

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  • You say "everybody smile" even a dark skin dude can be seen at midnight if he smiles.

    Anyway, if they are black you say "that black dude"
    if they are brown you say "that brown dude"
    if they have a Chinese look say "that asian dude, although indian are asian and look completely different

    Scrap what I said, just say what nationality they look like.
    Example: that "Japanese looking dude" or that "african looking guy" or that "Rodney rude looking legend"

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  • Those of non-European decent.

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  • Minorities lol

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