What do you believe in?

What do you believe in? Free Will or Destiny?

Is Destiny and Fate the same thing?

Why did you choose Free Will or Destiny?

Choose one please.

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  • I believe in determinism. If we're all just made up particles, and each particle must follow the laws of physics, then each particle can only progress in a certain exact way due to its current circumstances and those laws of physics. Therefore they can only end up in one exact state in the future. Therefore we can only end up in one exact state in the future. A other-dimensional god-like being could possibly measure the properties of all particles that make up our universe, and mathematically predict how everything will end up in the future.

    That being said, for all intents and purposes, it makes absolutely no difference to our daily lives whether we live in a deterministic universe or not. Therefore we may as well try to live the best life possible.

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  • I believe we all have a will. Some of us tend to be manipulated by the system. Some others notice the trial of manipulation and refuse to follow with consequences being what people believe to be destiny.

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  • I don’t necessarily know which one I believe in, but I know I HATE the idea of my future already being planned out by anyone other than myself.
    I hate the idea of a Destiny or Fate because I feel like it tries to justify bad shit happening to good people

    I hate when people say “It’s what was meant to be” or “it’s all a part of the plan” when things go south.
    I’ve always hated that mentality.
    I don’t like the idea that things aren’t under my control or my fault when they happen.

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    • A close friend of mine went to prison for 3 years and blames society for his problem's and told me it's all destiny and you can't change what happens to a person in the future.

      Makes me sad!

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      • Everyone who is incarcerated is innocent.

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      • Oh I did (almost) 3 years in prison too lol.

        But to consider that part of destiny is just dumb. I think the idea of destiny gives people a lot of lenience to do the wrong thing to.

        If you believe no matter what you do you’re going to end up at the same conclusion, I could see a lot of people doing bad and dumb shit because they think they’re “safe” from consequence.

        It is sad.

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  • You really wouldn’t want to know

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  • too unanswerable

    i hate deep philosophical bullshit thats been debated for millennia cause theres a good reason it aint answered

    some shits got no answers

    take a hint controversy spewin jackasses

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  • Life is about choices.
    None of us chose where we were born, or into who's family.
    ( this makes racisim ignorant )
    We didn't choose our familys well being.
    The community or state we are born into.
    But as adults, you have certain choices to make.
    You can fail, blame everyone and call it destiny,
    or the same person can make something of themselves.
    Then say they were just destined for greatness.
    Its all in how you see things, and how you react.
    Im not self made, I was very fortunate.

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  • I think that we are destined to suffer the results of our individual free will.

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  • I kinda do beilive in the fates yea. Idk. I mean it's a complicated issue with no first certain awnser. I mean look at our Anatomy our bodies our marvels. We couldnt create us if we wanted to but we just formed somehow. Its marvelous if you look at it from its construction. So yea is it really so far fetched that there could be some bigger better creatures out there controlling us? Maybe maybe not

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  • Well I honestly believe in both. I think that everyone has a destiny, but we also have our own free will. Everyone can be destined for something, but we're just as free to choose to ignore our destiny. For example you can be born with a great talent but instead of doing something out of that you can choose to do something else. Or you can be destined to be with a certain person but you choose to stay with someone else, be it out of comfort or any other reason.

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  • Free my main man Will!

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  • I recently found out I’m a nihilist. So it doesn’t matter.

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  • In destiny, but I want to believe in free will tho.

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  • Destiny

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  • https://youtu.be/eVinZHV-0XY

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  • You exist, then you die. Some people you know die before you, the others die after.

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