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Ok it's kinda hard to explain but whenever I touch keys I can taste them in my mouth. This is an actuall post and I know it's weird but I mean you know how keys and coins and even cheap jewerly have that smell, nickle mabey?, well whenever I touch them I get the taste of the smell in my mouth. And no, I've never put any of these things in my mouth. is it normal ?

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  • what happens when you pee?

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  • im not sure if thats normal or not.

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  • I get that taste too with certain things.

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  • Could be that you have a heightened sence. How are your other sences? Sight, hearing etc? I'll bet your sight is not it's best and your sence of smell is heightened, when you touch them you kick up particles, get it? If you don't taste it or smell it when you are not touching it, I'd bet that's the answer. True though, a metal taste is not healthy and I believe there would be no harm in having some blood work done, but my money is still on one of your sences not being at par with the others and scent and taste are in overdrive !!! GL

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  • Get your blood checked. Metallic taste in your mouth is usually a sign something is wrong.

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  • I do that too! Haha. I'm not sure if it's normal or not though. Atleast you're not alone.

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