Was this a weird dream to have?

I dreamt a few months back that I was buying frozen mice for my snake and I got the idea to try them. I’d swallow them whole thawed, like the snake does, and got addicted to them so I bought more and hid a cache of them from my parents but they ended up finding them. I don’t remember much else.

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  • Yeah, dreams can be completely senseless sometimes.

    The other day I had a dream that I murdered someone and had to ditch the body in the cardboard compactor at my job before my boss saw it. I'd never murder someone nor would I abuse the cardboard compactor.

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  • You want to eat mice dude.

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  • Idk maybe try one of your snakes mice it could be good

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  • its a dream, it goes places.
    I had dreams my sister was digging out her eye with a spoon. I almost threw up after waking up. dreams do be like that sometimes

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  • Sometimes dreams are just expressing our creativity

    Maybe you thought about it at some point and maybe you might have even forgotten about it

    Dreams like that, just mentally eat popcorn while dreaming or thinking about them. I have a few recursive dreams from my childhood I think about

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