Was she right to be angry?

Our kitchen (mine 20M and my college roommates 19M 22F) was dirty and needed cleaning but we all wanted to go out and have fun. We decided one of us would stay home and do it and we decided we'd play some game to decide.

Then I said sure but lets make this game physical. My male roommate agreed and was laughing and after thinking the girl said sure but she chooses what it is. Both of us guys were thinking we'd just beat her in any sport so we all shook hands and agreed on the terms.

The girl then said she made a choice and we'd play Roshambo. We had no idea what it was so she quickly explained and we knew we got tricked.

Well we decided to play anyways to try, she said how the game would work we'd both kick her and she'd Kick us. Well he kicked her first as hard as he could, she was in intense pain but shook it off, she then kicked him not too hard but quite precise and he fell on the ground and lost.

Then she kicked me I felt her toe mush my left nut (we all had taking off our shoes not to do serious damage) and I fell too and was gonna puke, which meant she won the game.
She then gave us quick instructions on what to do to clean the kitchen, said both of us lost and left.

We ended up spending a good 2 hours with each an icepack on our groin and didn't even clean the kitchen. When she came back she was angry and she said we didn't honour the terms and we never help with anything around the house.

Was she right to be angry?

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  • Flip the scenario around: what if it was YOU who had kicked HER in a sensitive body part that caused her to be in such discomfort that she had to sit down and ice herself for two hours. It would be laughably stupid for anyone to take your side in that situation. The fact that the aggressor in the scenario as it actually went down was a woman doesn't give her a free pass. We need to stop with these fucking "equality for women!" and "women deserve special considerations" contradictions

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