Want to try everything at once

So, I have many different things that I want to do. I want to do drawing, animation, video editing, game design, music, graphic design, but whenever I try to get into something, I get another idea, for something else that I want to do, but it will be for something that I don't really know how to do yet. And so, I will start so many different things, without really mastering, or finishing anything.

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  • You need to focus. Are you ADHD?

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  • I do the same thing!! Glad I'm not the only one!! And don't worry about mastering anything right away. That will come later. Our minds just work differently and that's ok. It just means you're inspired and interested in many things which is good! I started playing guitar, then bass, then singing, then became a cosmo, then barber, then certified in extensions, then got certified to sail. I think it's better to stay busy and inspired than to try to fit in with the majority of people who just watch tv or only ever had one hobby.

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  • It's normal for you i guess. Not for others i suppose. For me it is. It takes a lot of focus to finish anything. Some people outgrow it. Others like me don't. I'm darn near 50 and it's still an issue but i force myself to focus enough to stay on task when i have to

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  • Normal! There's an old saying that was very common years ago.

    Some people used it as an insult but a lot of people saw it as a compliment.

    Jack of all trades, Master of none.

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