Vampires are real

Believe me yes or no
There was a civil rights activism thingy. It was a tiny political party about communism and freedom and anarchy and antifa and feminism. There was a guy can memorize books just by reading 1 time, he was looking 3 years older than me he told 3 years younger than me. He showed me he is carrying 50 cards for entering to many countries and companies. Another guy told me he is vampire and they need my blood. Than 50 cards guy stole blood from red cross and gave it to them. They locked door. They told me they drinked blood. I have seen they drink blood from another guy and than hypnotised him and he runaway. They wanted me to join ISIS, said ISIS need soldiers. They acting like vampire, telling me they vampire and told me they will kill me. Than 13 of them suddenly disappeared. My friends told me, if this is secret dont talk about it and dont disturb me.

All of this things real. Many different supernatural beings living at Earth. And they really assassinating people. This happened at Turkey Istanbul.

Illuminati have 500 million members they located mostly Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Israel, America, Canada, UK, Finland, Norway, Deutchsland. They eating humans at Mexico, China, NK, Russia, Arabia.

All technology created by aliens and spiritual dimensional spirits. They coming from Saturn, Venus, Uranus, spiritual dimension. Demons can live in animals and humans. Aliens can be everything, they have technology and aliens not joining to olympics that humans compete. I am lazy and i will not write more. I am working for god of Earth and we hate humans, they are asexual. 333MEW8

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