Is it normal my person thinks I have a double life ? But she really does and I'm fully aware she blames all the bad shit I have viable proof she does on me . . I live a constant lie everyday and it's kinda normal to me that she's just crazy and I love her deep anways guess we're fucking psychos huh ?

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  • Sounds like the relationship equivalent of snake oil that some charlatan sells.

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  • So she's projecting her own faults onto you? That's very toxic behavior but I know what it's like to love someone whose words and actions are hurtful. I don't know what you mean by "double life" though; you didn't elaborate much.

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    • Double life is when someone lives a second life. How many is something when it's double? Two.

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  • Hi, this is Marie. I found you on this site, and I wanted to let you know I left my thong in your car. Would you kindly give them back? Friday night was amazing by the way ;)

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