To be so hurt

my loving wife of 35 years died 8months ago . a month ago i got documents in post . among them was letters and diaries she had in bank box . . to my horror i find words of my own wifes hand writing letters to me that she never sent . confessions of affairs .telling me how sorry she was that she loved me but was never in love with me . even one saying our 2nd child is not mine . i gave my life to this woman .i cant believe all this .

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  • I'm sorry...

    One of the things some older people told me was that when a best friend or spouse died... to not read any of their personal papers and burn them instead.

    People put all kinds of stuff in personal diaries as they struggle with life. Much of it is not meant to be read by any other person in the world.

    I wish someone had given you the advice I was given decades ago about such papers and diaries.

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  • Make yourself a nice glass of water with that Metamucil orange flavor fiber.

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  • I'm sorry, that's awful

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