To be so hurt

iv 3 very close friends who are very important to me .which i thought . i was living with my partner and anytime something went wrong id tell them about it .when out each would tell me dont put up with his crap or even tell me to dump him . which i did . then we break up for 5months and in that time the 3 of them slept with him . unknown to me till he told me . it all feels like they bad mouthed him for them to get him im so hurt my friends do this on me .as for him his reply was he was happy with me and all i did was put him down and dump him for my friends

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  • They are not your friends.... But, they do like to pretend and use you...

    Real friends would not do that to you.

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  • 3 for 3 they fucked him. Not even 1 is your girl.

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  • Honey you NEED to separate yourself, and detach yourself from all of those awful people!

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  • dude that formatting is such dogshit, like not to be mean but jesus christ if its that hard to type coherent sentences then get grammarly. but yea your ""friends"" sound like jerks

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