Throat swelling from penicillin

I have been taking a penicillin for a few days now and my throat has felt tight and tense muscles ever since I started.Today I have skipped it and yet my throat is both feeling tight and now also burning.I have some postnasal drip but I dont think thats whats causing this,ive had that before.And as a very small child I was allergic to this penicillin apparently but I also took it a few years ago again and got no side effects it worked fantastic which is why I took it now.Maybe im just anxious but I dont think so because I even woke up with the tense throat today and I am relaxed in my sleep and I went to sit outside with a friend today and not even that worked even though I was relaxed then so I dont think its anxious tension.Ive also gotten extremely bad nausea but thats a common side effect I know.And today I could hardly get out of bed because I was so exhausted.It is hard to eat because my throat feel so uncomfortable.I get heartburn frequently,I guess that can worsen with penicillin,but im too worried to trust its just that.And I found blood in my urine 2 days ago.Has anyone else experienced these side effects?

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  • Tell your Dr. and get off of penicillin. You will have to avoid it, and drugs derived from it, the rest of your life. The next reaction could be much worse (often is); and could kill you.

    I had my reaction to penicillin about 40 years ago. The medical profession has always been able to find alternate treatments for my situation.

    I wish you well with this,

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  • And that, boys and girls, is what we call an allergic reaction.You need to inform your doctor immediately, if not sooner.

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    • Lol...Well I wasnt sure it was, I thought maybe its anxiety but it didnt feel like it and im pretty happy right now aside from this.I figured an allergic reaction might be more intense tho.But I am trying to speak with my doctor tomorrow.Really dont wanna take the risk anymore.

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  • First, I'm not a doctor, and I very much doubt if anyone else here is either, so this really isn't the place to come if you're looking for medical advice.

    Check out this page on a credible website:

    Exhaustion and blood in urine, aren't listed, but I still think you'd be wise to see a doctor.

    Allergies are weird. For example, I'm a beekeeper, and after being stung several times and swelling up to a ridiculous amount around the sting site in my early years of dealing with the buzzy little darlings, now my only reaction to a sting is a momentary, "Ouch! Ya wee bastard!" and then a tiny pinpoint of slight itchiness for a couple of days. That's pretty normal for beekeepers, but I know from my reading that is is possible for beekeepers who have developed an immunity to the stings over the years to abruptly go into full-blown anaphylactic shock after a sting because of some weird thing triggering an overreaction of their immune system.

    So, just because you took the antibiotic a few years ago without problems, it doesn't necessarily follow that you can do it again.

    Having said all that, you may have heard of this virus that's making the rounds. The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are pretty well known these days and they mainly involve the lungs, but the virus can also disrupt the functioning of various internal organs and produce all sorts of strange symptoms, including nausea, a sore throat and muscle weakness. If there's a chance you've been exposed - and since you talk about sitting outside with a friend, that sounds possible - you might consider seeing if you can get tested.

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    • Thanks for the cmment and I will check out link.
      I do know about the risks of corona but last time I went to see my doctor the nurse took a blood test which didn't show it was possible I have corona, so he adviced me against taking the test.
      And I don't have any cough or breathing issues.
      But it's hard to know for sure these days if it's a cold, flu or corona...

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      • I don't understand your statement about the blood test: either it was for corona and came up negative or it wasn't, in which case you could have it, there's no way of knowing unless you take the actual corona test.

        You do realise it's possible to be corona positive and have no symptoms? Also, you need to go into strict quarantine after having the test and wait for the result, because otherwise the result could show up as negative but you could be in contact with it between the time of the test and the result.

        It does sound as if you've had an allergic reaction to penicillin, so please stop taking it: this can be fatal if you go into anaphylactic shock. My daughter is allergic to penicillin as a result of her stupid father taking her repeatedly to a doctor who over prescribed penicillin and she's so allergic she can't even touch a bottle of child strength penicillin liquid.

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  • Yes people can be allergic to penicillin. I got a penicillin shot (we call it a peanut butter shot for a reason) and felt no I'll effects.

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