Those who are completely homosexual are more

Those who are completely homosexual are more,?
Male or female

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  • It's more of guys who become the gay than of women being the lesbian.

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  • Well from my experience women are more likely to be bi and men are likely to be gay. I think its due to societal pressure and how men and women's libidos are seen (You know bi men are much more shamed in gay communities and people always tell women how "they didn't meet the right man yet" and how people think men are visual while women can be visual as men too)

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  • some surveys say men are slightly more likely to be gay and women are slightly more likely to be bisexual. gay women and bisexual men are a bit less common.

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  • I think there is a different energy between masculine and feminine; where as women tend to lay in bed with eachother, help eachother change, even make out; straight guys don't really do that or have the desire to.

    Men are full on gay or not. Women aren't.

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