This guy keeps staring at me in class. what's going on?

This guy is in my Honors English class 2nd period. I sit by the wall most of the time to charge my chromebook and i'll catch him staring at me, mind you he thinks i'm "annoying". My best friend says he's staring at her, but her and I also agree that i'm the pretty one (which I honestly think is a lie), but she still thinks that he's looking at her and not me. This guy and I have also made direct eye contact a few times. Whats going on here and what should I do?

Later edit: I talked to my friend and I guess he's also known for staring into space...

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  • He likes you

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  • Give him a photo of you and tell him to stop staring and use the photo for his perverted needs

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  • Ask him what's up. He'll either give you an answer or realize that other people find him creepy and maybe he'll wise up and stop doing it

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  • Ask him why he stares at you and if he annoys you tell him. Maybe he doesn’t know.

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