Thinking about tomatoes make me sick?

Just the thought of it makes me feel nauseous. Remembering the smell almost makes me gag.

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  • It's normal that a food you don't like makes you gag.

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  • I got my appendix removed and my mom would boil broccoli while I was at home recovering. The smell of boiled broccoli is enough to make me vomit

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  • Absolutely agree 100% I despise tomatoes if I get even a sliver of tomato flesh in my sauce on my pizza or pasta or whatever my body rejects it completely

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  • I had pizza for dinner tonight.

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  • I absolutely love tomatoes!

    It's normal though to feel disgusted by a food that really repulses you. I shudder and nearly gag when I think of certain foods that made me sick or were just horrific tasting.

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