The mind games

So like It's a mind game. Mind game after mind game, stop it already. For example when I go up to someone and say "That's not correct it's pronounced this way you slow ass!" it's coming from my mind and then the person will tell me that I'M incorrect like what!?!?!? Watch yourself Like I'm so sick of these people playing games just stop with this already And another example is when it comes to someone's idea I scheme and scheme and also tell them to use a dictionary because they don't the words they're spouting that's coming from the mind. Then they call me crazy like what I'm it crazy what do you tale me for the mind games are sickening conceptually

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  • This feels really context-specific. Can you give a little more detail to what you're talking about? The way you put it, it sounds like you randomly approach people and get in their face about the pronunciation of some unknown word

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  • Also I've been told I'm incorrect for saying that the origin of something is "source" and not "sauce" and I've also been told to work on my "gramer" because I spelt "color" as "colour" because I am from UK. I have also been told I'm uneducated by someone who used the wrong "you're" in the same sentence. So I don't even bother listening to stupid people anymore.

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  • did Normal-rebellious write this? Sounds like their way of writing.

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