The meds made me this way

My favourite (pet) peeve which I have a hankering for is the pet peeve of having to spend the rest of my days as an ultrapessimist because things aren't just evil, they're extraordinarily evil all the time.

The meds made me more jealous of the evils of the world than ever, I have to always watch my back with everything and save my own life no matter how agreeable the situation is, it's too good to be true and it's too evil to be false.

I'm currently in hell because of the nudity, I will roast if I ever repeatedly saw a penis again, I'm angry, I'm angry because of sin as the doctors are also sinning.

The sins in doctors are little sins, like just being evil, that's a sin, and it makes me angry, being altruistic is a burden and also a sin (e.g. self-sacrifice or sacrifice of people is a sin, therefore Jesus was sinning).

Stealing my crackers, another sin that angers me puts me in hell buying a new packet of them.

Also there was sin for 9 years since the doctors and I was angry ever since. I'm back to being always angry, not too angry, but I'm so angry as to lose my magic, so angry as to lose my happiness, and lose all that's beautiful in life, beauty is rare alright, so rare that it's very easy to upset every human or any human everywhere I go.

I can feel the needle in me from a month later when they injected me in the future and not now or in the past, it's not present but it's still there, the future exists because I can feel its pain.

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