The humiliation of a man's life

It's a grotesque humiliation to act normal only to find out you're the only one being told to stop yelling at a family reunion in a hotel down there in the middle of where a huge road meets in such a godforsaken place far from your own home. And it's a macabre humiliation of a man's life to say he's normal and everyone seemingly and succeeds in throwing his life away for his medical treatment/trouble in life for he's seemingly normal but he's in a weird mess! It's a humiliation of a man's life when his girlfriend leaves him for a trashy man of which she suffers from the delusion that the other man, despite how posh he is, is less attractive only to find out that the world thinks he's evil as he holds a glass of brandy in contempt of the common man, and let me remind you that real life is exactly the bullshit of your worst nightmare! I suffered the humiliation of my life of one of these things (the family reunion), and all of my normal life a catastrophic nightmare, it doesn't work. And more to the point my uncle Vick is a humiliating man who never listens to me saying to draw a picture of him what he "should" do. I'm thinking if an older person than myself is displeasing me, he should have a kick in the pants! And furthermore I want a happy port-laden man and not an angry-looking one, no one listens, I wasn't misbehaving, it's the truth, I don't like angry-looking people. It was quirky what I said but weird men have feelings and to find out the world's not ready for what's literally weird is the humiliation of a man's life, and he's further humiliated of all his hard work getting rejected or when he's told he can't draw, but when he stops having perseverance he can have confidence in his ability in something else, and that's a consoling thing for pessimistic people.

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  • It’s ok Hans, uncle Vick doesn’t know what he’s on about.

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    • Nice, and let me tell you that the weirdo they said I was on this website, they were right, I found an identity without an identity and that is from a few days ago on Saturday at Mum's house that I'm not normal and I found out I'm an unorthodox person, only it's keeping more consistent, a difference that works.

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