The heart wants but it cannot have

Well theirs this one chickidy, that is so nice to me always helps me out ext... so a while ago I told her , I liked her and shit so I try to flirt her with but.... she never recipricates the feelings back. She text me back on very low interval...... Idk however she doesnt really talk to anyone honestly... shes a mega introvert .. soo im not sure. Sometimes I wonder if its just her personality... because I told her blah blah if she wants I could just not... hit on her haha or w.e shes like noo noo your fine blah blah. I even asked her if she wanted to go on a date and she said it would be a fun thing to do after shes back from break... idk.... I feel like she's putting off.... but at the same time she is not ughhh. I really like her, she always brigthens up my day when I see her and am around her. Im actually not a fuggly dude I've had quite a few gfs, but never dated anyone younger than me... so I feel like that could be the issue she is 4 years younger than me..... maybe thats why she doesnt like me? we are both in the military and maybe im just being an overracting baby. BAHHHHH BAHHHH BAHHH part of me says I should give up on this girl.... because she is not expressing the same reciprical feelings however.... i dont think she ever had a boyfriend so its.. all new.... to her... bLAH

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  • What's the problem? She said she'll go out with you when she's back from break, so ask her out then!

    What on earth is all the fuss abut/

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  • If this is how you talk to her, I'd be put off too.

    She doesn't sound interested. She might just like the attention or is being polite.

    Also, just because she's introverted or has little experience with dating doesn't really justify how little she talks to you. Even introverts can take initiative when they like someone.

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  • she said she would go out with you when she gets off break,just wait. i was like that girl once,its probably her first time or first older guy that actually likes her and she doesnt know how to react in a situation like that. im in a paramilitary organisation and i had older guys that liked me but i didnt know how to react to the just wait and see....

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