The dominating aspects of life

Of life like it's taken for granted, the big boss of a non-profit in attempt of being so nice grinds to the dust as something they're responsible for, you know, can't do something because I'm as red as the bloodshed of warfare, fuck off! It's a stupid service. Further down the line it gets more dominating and domineering towards a fractured man when I'm really mad, pointing fingers at the man who can't make a decent coffee, and my mother who doesn't cook my diet on demand, fuck off!
If my diet is a thin sauce over parcels of fish then so be it, I'm not the one who doesn't avoid buying fish unless it's tuna or something like that, or unbreaded fillets in a sort of herby sauce, which I will buy, I don't buy crumbed or battered fish and I won't start now, the I&J fish in such a sauce is way healthier than a fish finger, given Barnacle Bill deep fries its fish, shellfish or squid in breadcrumbs like something that's Italian and low nutrition food, fuck off! I'd rather go to a healthy fish restaurant or even better steam the parcels in the sauce it's made with, I have a steamer and steaming is the healthiest form of cooking. And given that the clothes are extra extra large and is presented to me like a gift of dung wrapped in foil like a lolly, fuck off, I don't take clothes from anyone nor do I take cake anymore filled with cream, oil, salt, and sugar, just fuck off! This is what dominates my life and I don't admit defeat.

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