Stupid people driven mad by their mollycoddling mothers

People are bigger fools than I thought, the entrenchment of their mother's house's living conditions and stupid people can't be wrapped in shit, because their mothers cook them lasagne and now eating that nourishing food they can't eat it anymore despite their mother's love because they now are pessimistic and show hate for the warming food putting baby fat on them.
They whinge about the turkey because it's got a bone in it, and whinge about watching the telly because it advertises stuff they buy and like it at first, but then they whinge that "this crazy lazy exercise machine" isn't helping them to lose weight, wow, if you wear a vibrating belt with a tightened stomach and just sit there eating Twisties watching TV all day of course you're not going to lose weight, then they blame their mothers for making it family to watch a TV getting slightly fat from that luxury so do they turn ascetic? Avoiding pleasure? No, they piss off in their Cadillacs going to a golf club swinging the golf stick on the ball to rebel against"their mother's stressful bullshit", to make things worse they come home listening to mum arguing with them their mothers talking about the matrix so now the love they didn't want they become sciency type people believing in physical reality and physicalism and they go on all day and all night doing experiments in the spare room blowing things up, who cares? They play with their chemistry set not knowing a thing how these acids and bases work, turning blue with a shock of grotesque hair, then they get mad going in the shower using their herb soap and Herbal Essences because they can't handle their mother's Palmolive regular soap. They want to move out and whinge that things aren't how they like it here, it's driving them crazy, what do you think?

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  • Damn, I didn't realize that feeding your kids lasagna led down such a rabbit role

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