Someone in the house is eating other people's food.

" I am currently flat-matting with other people, recently the household has been experiencing weird situations where other roommates food goes missing. Today I saw that a huge chunk of my cooked lasagna was eaten with the spoon put back. For those who think I did it, and is just trying to falsely accuse someone, no. I didn't have lasagna for dinner last night, I just ate a pie and that's it because I wasn't too hungry. I am actually so disgusted and now I don't want to eat the rest of the lasagna because whoever did what they did now put their germs on my meal."

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  • Put some bait food in the fridge but load it with laxatives. Whoever gets the shits is the guilty party.

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  • It's normal but it's disgusting behaviour, there are food thieves all over most Western countries and Australasia, what needs to be done is to simply cook cheaparse food so only you and maybe a very close friend of yours, not a food thief, eats it, food thieves don't take dry, flavourless, bland, or colourless/pale/ugly food, so keep that in mind. Don't buy the good stuff, from there you will repel food thieves 100%, forget about creativity, chef's food, food from scratch, etc and instead make pasta, not lasagne, from the jar (topped in a $4 small Parmesan in green container instead of fresh Parmesan), or any Italian pasta from recipe powders or recipe bases, it's guaranteed to ward off pasta thieves and they won't like how low quality it looks, also you should make macaroni cheese and not make it too fancy with pineapple, and instead use macaroni cheese from the box, and spaghetti and meatballs from a frozen meal if you eat meat, and alfredo straight from the packet and not freshly make it with Parmesan cheese and garlic, and pasta with pesto from the jar, cheap pasta dishes like that, when visitors and food thieves will only eat, e.g. pesto pasta from pesto made freshly and not from the jar, also you should buy cheap stuff, like pasta sauce or marinara sauce with sugar or maltodextrin and xanthan gum and modified corn starch in it so thieves can't take the flavourless and artificial smell of the food, Dolmio will be the best for being a cheaparse cook, you'll never have pasta thieves again.

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  • Maybe there's a frogger living in your attic?

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  • Unless they have some sort of contagious disease (which you’d likely catch anyway in that case) then they only have the same “germs” as you already have.

    Stop being a moron/pussy and eat the damned lasagne you bitch.

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    • No. I already threw it out, and washed the bowl with the spoon. Actually, it wasn't even a lot left' maybe some bits but just because they may have the same "germs" I already have does not mean I want to share their spit with me especially if I'm the only woman in the house.

      I may be a "pussy/bitch to you but I don't care.

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