Some thoughts on falling in love these days

If you got in touch with someone and he was really eager to get to know you. Like he's (or she) obviously a bit odd personality-wise but he's nice, caring and shows loyalty, texts you a lot and and wants to know more about you and talks about what you're gonna do for your first date and how excited he is. Would you think it was annoying and a little naive, or that it was sweet? I know i've always rejected guys like this because they seem childish in their view on love and relationships, such as getting too involved too soon emotionally and believeing in love at first sight etc. But I guess a childish view on love doesn't need to be bad if when you've known each other for months his feelings doesn't change when he's seen your worse sides too. I had a guy friend like this, he said he was super in love with me and thought I was the sweetest woman he's ever "met" when we'd only had one short video call but he's just a normal guy albeit a little naive. I only rejected him because I felt no attraction but he took it well, but his feelings never went away.
I guess people just feel love differently and I read somewhere once that men fall in love faster according to statistics - could that be true? In my experience i'd have to say it probably is... But of course there are also women who fall in love very fast. With my ex I felt a connection before we even met. I just saw his picture on the dating app - and he wasn't even gorgeous but very average-looking - and I just felt an instant connection which only grew stronger after our first date and from then onwards. That hasn't ever happened again since so to me it's unusual, but i've met several different men who's fallen in love like that and not taken them seriously. Now I am starting to think that maybe I should, just for once, and see how it goes.

What are your thoughts on falling in love? In this day and age where so many people meet online - is it possible to feel an instant connection over just text and has it happened to you?

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