Should i bother to go to the dr for this

I've had many headaches for years but this year they have been worse. I've had 2 really bad headaches which were probably my worst ever. I also have a red bump above my ear rather close to my temple which has been hurting a lot this year but I don't know if that has always been there or if it's new. I went to the doctor for the pain and I got prescribed antibiotics on the suspicion of sinusitis, and then I got prescribed ear drops as I apparently had an ear infection? and the doctor therefore guessed that's what causing shooting pains in my temple. I've also woken up with a bruise on my temple several mornings earlier this year, it wasn't a big or very obvious bruise and I didn't notice it myself.

I've since yesterday had some very odd sensations in my head when I leave the house, I don't know if its my regular anxiety therefore. The sensations are that it feels like my head is stuffed with cotton and like my eyes are going to go in criss cross - like very sudden out of nowhere exhaustion. Yesterday I walked to a restaurant nearby with a friend and while sitting in there eating (it was completely empty just me and my friend and we were just having a chill conversation so I wasn't anxious) I suddenly feel like shit. The food in my mouth feel very strange like chewing cotton and I can barely keep my eyes open. I was legit scared I would collapse, felt like i'd been eating sleeping pills. And today I had been hanging with a friend, then we went out for a walk and after a while it feels like my head is stuffed with cotton and everything spins like i'm completely wasted. Everything was just spinning. 2 hours prior to that I got a stabbing in my temple actually but it was a light pain.

I am now wondering if I should see a doctor for this. I've also had trouble sleeping for several weeks now, not sure why so I guess that could possibly explain the weird attacks of exhaustion but it's not like I haven't slept at all. Maybe i've woken up many times but forgotten it...

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  • Get checked!! Contact a neurologist and get an mri and a ct scan done.

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  • See a doctor before it's too late. I used to experience frequent headache about almost daily for years but didn't get check until one day it got worse. Then I found out it's a sign of brain hemorrhage. You don't want something equally awful or worst to happen to you.

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  • It's a tumah.

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  • Get yourself checked out, dear heart, better safe than sorry.

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