Should i ask out my barber?

I am a dude and I go to a barbershop with all girls. The girl who cuts my hair is really good looking. My fear is that I ask her out and she either says no or has a boyfriend. it would be really awkward going there to get my haircut by someone who rejected me. How do I go about this?

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  • Ask her out. If she says no, find another barber.

    Or you suck up the rejection, keep going to her for haircuts, continue to be your pleasant, charming, flirty self and see if the situation changes.

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  • Don't make a move just yet. Get to know her. Talk about TV shows and movies, music, hobbies, weekend activities. If she doesn't mention a boyfriend, she probably doesn't have one or want you to know she has one. At that point, talk about favorite foods, and then favorite restaurant. From there on, if she says, oh I've never been there, but it sounds like a great place, then tell her, "How about I take you there so you can try it. Seriously, it's on me." If she says yes, you're good; if she makes an excuse, say "Well, let me know ow if you change your mind." Obviously, this.kind of plans. has to be carried out with patience, not all in one appointment, but give it about two or three. Hint: if she starts rubbing her leg against your arm, things are looking really good.

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  • They get hit on and asked out all the time. Get to know her for real first, not just b/c she's hot and hovers over you during a cut. I had a woman stylist do my hair several years ago (many over the years), who was a gorgeous, German-blonde, New Yorker with a perfect body, face, deep blue eyes, and would wear revealing clothes when doing my cut.

    She and I became friends over time..Not saying it was a week, but several months if not a little more, and she'd tell me about this customer or that new guy who'd throw out bad hits and comments to her, and how she was happy that I wasn't like that.

    After a cut one afternoon, I helped her with some store items (she had a little clothing shop attached to her salon), and we ended up going for a nice dinner together, a date. Found out more about her and genuinely liked her. We dated for close to a year, before she closed the shop and I moved to another area. Most people would say, what the hell is that gorgeous salon owner doing with him? Easy..I took my time and didn't hit on her like every other guy customer did, 24-7.

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  • Wait. Barber? You mean stylist? Never fuck with your hairdresser lol.

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