Sexting others whilst in a relationship

I know this sounds brutal. But I’m addicted to it. Love my gf, love my life - but this sexting is my only vice. I’d never physically cheat.

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  • That is cheating not to mention pathetic

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  • I think it's okay, just have to be descrete.

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  • My GF and I have rules we are allowed to do anything online we like. I have 2 women I talk with and flirt they know about my GF and she knows about them. My GF has a few guys she plays around with and I enjoy reading what they would love to do with her. It isn't that we are lacking anything we just enjoy playing online.

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  • not cool dude. this is why porno mags and your imagination exists

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  • Nothing wrong with it. It is also normal to sleep around when your in a relationship

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  • Your Girlfriend (GF) is not satisfying you totally. You need to figure out why as it will almost certainly lead to trouble in the future.

    The 1st thing to do is to get and read the book "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. You should also get your GF a copy of the book and have her read it as well (There is a teenager version if you are in that age group).

    You both need to learn how to fill up each other's "Love Tank." For most people once that is accomplished other desires (like texting) diminish away.

    However, some people they are not pure monogamist heterosexuals, and they will have other interests. In that case you need to tell your GF about your other activities and interest and try to figure out what your real sexuality is. Once you do that then you will be able to find a partner that allows that in your life. However, that might not be your current girlfriend (and she max exit the relationship - which is better long term as it will break someday anyway and that breakup will be more harmful and more ugly).

    If you cannot figure yourself out with the standard internet resources, you may need to see a "sex therapist" (there are psychologist who specialize in human sexuality - which is totally different than psychologist who handle common sexual abuse and rape situations - although a "sex therapist" also handles those as well).

    They are not everywhere and there may only be a few in a multi-hundred mile radius. A decade ago there were only 2 of them in Wisconsin as our marriage needed that expertise to figure things out; and my wife and I were driving 100 miles each way (and taking a day off of work) for each session. It paid off hugely though. We are very happily married (and we were otherwise headed for divorce).

    We did open up the marriage with a detailed set of rules (which took months to develop as we read books on how to make an open marriage work, and to work though all the possible issues and how they would be handled). Key is that neither of us lied to each other. Neither of us knew who we really were sexually. I had never even heard of the term before (or classification) that I am in.

    A second key is that we went to the therapist before anything happened with other people (no cheating). Just based on the urges and thoughts occurring - and honestly discussing them with each other. We both wanted to understand what and why about those urges and thoughts. There was no sexual contact with others until after we had agreed on rules (open marriages with well thought out rules work).

    I wish you the best with this,

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  • It's cheating, but I love sending other guys pictures of my cock
    Keep on doing.

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  • Look up slaa

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