Road side stops

Do you find the toilets at road side stops impossible to use?

I was recently on an interstate bus trip where most of the stops were at road side stops. The first one we stopped at was complete disgusting and although it was ok to pee there was no way I was going to use it to poop so the only choice I had was to do it in my underwear. When we got back on the bus no one noticed which was good because the rest of the stops were just as bad or worse.

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  • You mean to tell me, because the road side stop was dirty, you shit your pants and nobody on the bus noticed the horrible stench, or your brown trousers and seat and you consider that better, than just putting toilet paper on the toilet seat and using it, or just squatting down and dropping the load?!

    I call BS on this one...

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  • Stupid story, there's always a choice about pooing your pants: have you never heard of putting toilet paper on the seat if it's grotty? I hope you at least changed your nappy some time during the trip

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  • OP, you gotta sell it. Use your imagination and come up with something better.

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  • Squat on top of the toilet and take a shit.

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  • Yeah, right! 🥴

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