Recurring dream on back of bus. any meaning behind it iin?

I've had many Recurring dreams in my life, but this current one is rather different from the others. I always end up going on a bus from many different places, but always to a mall or too a empty house. Every time I go on the bus, I always know its a female driver but never see her face or can remember it clearly. I walk straight to the back where there is a tv on the back wall with the last 4 chairs pointing towards the tv and every time without fail I pull out a baggie under the seat and there is a pipe, cigar wraps, weed, and a bunch of accessories to smoke with. And I always smoke on the way to the stop, but once I hit the stop, I leave with the baggie, my head starts to hurt but I feel fine in reality since I dont care for pain I just go through it. than I thank the lady and she tells me, "usual spot next time?" and I either ignore her or tell her Bring me somewhere with good luck. I get off the bus and always wake up right after, not stressed out or anything I just wake up and notice and go right back to sleep no issue.

one other detail that slightly changes is that I play games sometimes instead of watching the tv while I smoke, but the games are very "hypnotizing"and I can never remember the details

What does this mean, I regularly smoke but rarely dream about it till this reoccurring dream, Ive dreamt it maybe 25 times and the details dont switch much. I dont feel guilty about smoking at all or any of that. Maybe time wasted or something? I'm 19, feel free to send any ideas you may have or ask anything.

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