Poo Followed by White Liquid

Hi, my boyfriend and I are extremely into anal. He slips his penis into my anus and thrusts as hard as he can. After we are done and he pulls out there is poo all over his penis and then a white liquid squirts out of my anus onto the sheets and walls. what is this white liquid? why does poo come out on his penis? is this normal??

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  • i am offcialy scarred for life

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  • I don't care what anybody else says. That is really hot. The poo is normal. You should use a enema to clean yourself out beforehand. I've heard plastic bottles work if you insert the mouth into your anus and squeeze the water in. The white stuff is your boyfriends semen. When he ejaculates inside your butt hole it squirts out again all over the sheets.Like I said the poop coming out on his penis is normal. But the rest of it is so freakin' hot. I'd love to try anal sex with you.

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  • i think its some kind of laxative liquid secreted by glands in rectum to let you get rid of the poop easily. and i think its normal if you insert your finger or penis in anus and finds this.

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  • It's either his seamen or mucus.

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  • Wow thats nasty. That sounds like dirty unattractive sex. Whatever happened to dignity and romance.

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  • 1st, are you gay? (are you a guy, just asking).
    2nd. Well, it IS normal that there is poo, and that the white thing comes out. I don't know if you study anatomy and watch porn, because there is a thing called cum.

    If it is not cum, and is a bad reaction, go to a doc.

    But seriously, I think you are a 13 year old that had his/hers 1st sex, and thinks: OH! What is this white stuff coming off your dick? Or you are just trolling =_=. Sorry.

    Cheers - Me

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  • Tl;dr
    Basically it means " NO U"
    Np mates

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  • No thats not semen that is basicaly a medical issue. there is trace amounts of urine in semen (not enough to harm the sperm) but it seems that this urine has built up over time (could be weeks, months or years) (obviously i dont know how long you have been receving anal sex from men), and for some reason that build up of urine has broken down into Amonia and Uric-Acid, rather then been excreated. It would seem that the combination of Amonia, Uric-Acid and the residue from gastric juice wich does contain trace quantitys of Hydrochloric Acid. The catch here is Amonia, Uric-Acid,trace amounts of Hydrochloric-Acid, and the residue of Gastric are in bird poop. This is because the magority of birds are unable to urinate so there urine is excreated from the blood stream intro there intestinal tract were it mixes with there poop, the chemicals in urine forment and because of the methane, gas, hydro carbon gas's, and hydrochloro sulpate gases in the intestinal tract of all mamals (diffrent quantities though) Because there is preashure in the intestenes the cheicals from the urine, feces (poop) and the gas plus the heat all combine in a chemical reaction (wich i dont know the name of) to produce white liquid poop like birds have. Taking an educated guess I would assume that this is the case here. I would still recomend you check in with your doctor to get checked out though, as this is a medical issue.

    (1:(im not a doctor or an expert im a geek with an imidiate family containing 3 retired RGN's (Registerd Geniral Nurses)2:(I was Adopted long story))

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