People who write out "hugs" after every single message

I have a male acquitance who types out "hugs" at the end of every message he sends no matter what it is, happy or sad.
He is apparently obsessessed with hugs in general and wants to hug everyone he knows. I've also known a few others who write out "hugs" a lot very randomly. It bugs me to no end especially since i'm not a very affectionate person and I never reply to it, I just ignore it not that that helps. Is it normal and does many people do this?? I know brits have a tendency to write "x" after all their messages, I don't think i've ever communicated with a british person who doesn't, but at least that's just an "x".

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  • Not normal for you to be so bothered.

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    • its annoying and over the top especially when you dont know somone well

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      • I hug strangers in real life.

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        • Well that's kind of offensive in my opionion. Some people really dislike that but you do you i'm sure every stranger you meet happens to love it.

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  • Using too many smilies/ hugs/ gifs and other garbage is annoying.

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  • probably homosexual or a weak man. or both. u know it

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  • You post a shit question.
    1 is it normal or not that he hugs?
    2 is it normal or not that you dont like it?
    What exactly is your question you want a vote on?
    That said, yea.
    Irritating as hell.
    Just like, lol.
    Or retexting me then adding
    ( loved )
    ( liked )
    ( loved a pic )
    Irritating as can be.
    No they arent brits either.

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