Peeing inside my Wife

Is this normal??

One night my wife and I were out and got really drunk. When we got home we started playing around and next thing I knew we were having sex. However with all the drinking I had done I really had to pee so I stopped and was going to go to the bathroom but my wife grabbed me and told me to keep going. I put my penis back inside her vagina and after 2 or 3 pumps I started peeing inside her. She orgasamed like never before.

Now she makes me pee inside her all the time.

She makes me drink 1 gallon of water about about an hour before we have sex and won't let me go to the bathroom. and then after a few minutes of having sex she has me pee inside her. She states that the warm pee filling her up turns her on sooo much that she orgasms like never before. I however feel a little uncomfortable about it and wonder IS THIS NORMAL?? The first time was an accident but now this has been going on 3-4 times a week for 3 months.

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  • Reading about this makes me hard. I think your a lucky man. She has admitted her fetish to you aslong she suffers no medical problems from it i say congratz.

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  • Id love it.I fantise about being peed inside of. i always me its just a fetish but if u dont like it dont pee inside her.u shouldnt have to do anything ur uncomfortable with.but as a woman id love to be peed inside of too,its my deepest secrect fetish

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  • i guess its just like hardcore cum. mmm cum.

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  • Not normal, but your wife may have a urine fetish she's just discovered. Most people would be turned off by getting pissed on, or inside..


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  • Why not pee in her mouth or in her eyes?

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  • It is very DANGEROUS for her health. So better to do clean sex instead of such things. Better to go for her checkup also because pee can do infection in her vagina/womb also.

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  • U can use warm water for her hot possum with clean syring

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  • That is sooo sexy!

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