Opinions of my music

I have been a musician since I was a child but was never very successful doing it.
I have been diagnosed with asperger's and other mental health issues and seem to have savant abilities in music but I also am aware that I seem to lack social and emotional awareness and recently realized I also lack spiritual awareness as I was an atheist and didn't actually believe in that stuff until recently.
People have claimed I am really good at creating songs but my band seems very unpopular.
Things people have said is my music lacks emotion and soul and is random and unlistenable, which I don't really see myself.
My band seems to be banned from most local venues and places and I don't have many friends and no support from the music industry or radio but I was never sure why.
People have said the songs are offensive but with other stuff that is popular I never got that because none of the songs are vulgar or have themes of what I feel is immoral behavior and I definitely do not fit into the sex drugs and rock n roll theme and personally have very conservative morals.
There are no themes of Satan or religion either although people seem to think that and the death metal crowd also doesn't seem to be into it.
However what I am aware of is my lyrics are completely devastating topics that I wrote in a jokingly way that doesnt tell the exact story but are written in a metaphoric way other people could apply them to their own situation and pretty music all the songs are based off personal traumatic events while poking fun at them.
I told the producer one of the songs was about a best friend who killed himself to spite his wife and he said I shouldn't tell people what the songs are actually about.
So I am curious what people actually think about these songs and there are just 4 here but I'd like honest opinions and I'm not somebody who gets offended but I've been writing songs that only a few people like and they are usually people who have been through similar things but seems to be unliked by most people and I never got why before.


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  • Hey I didn't listen but I'll get back to your music files later. I didn't read all that (you should be kind and considerate and post less). But it seems you're a mental handicap and a music prodigy at the same time.

    I will def review your music later.


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  • ive only listened to one song so far but I LOVE IT
    i do agree with the other comment that the voice part may need to be a bit louder but apart from that..
    I really like your general style and i cant wait for more !!!

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  • Music is a release and a talent. I only listened to parts of 2 songs. My opinion is that you are a bit raw... (and have the volume mix too high on the music as it drowns out your voice and the words) but, there are possibilities. Many of the best and popular musicians write about things that have emotional meaning to them... It seems that you do that.

    Also, it's likely that your music will mellow out once you work though some things.

    Here's a long shot - but I believe someone who might be willing to help you; and up to a few years ago was contactable because people would get permission from him to do internet versions of his songs just asking his permission and crediting the foundation that held the rights to the song in question (There is Love - the wedding song).

    Noel Paul Stookey was teaching music composition in a school until a year or two ago (I believe with no pay). He is "Paul" of the group Peter Paul & Mary (mega hit group from the 1960's and 1970's - and almost define classical folk music today).

    In the 2000's some of the music of Peter Paul & Mary dealt with some nasty social issues of the day (a lot of there early music raised "nicer" social issues).

    If you can contact him I believe that he would be willing to give you both honest feedback, advice, and encouragement.

    If not; you might wish to try to contact other retired musicians. See if you state has a musical help group.

    I believe there is a place for you in the music world... you have a real song to sing (perhaps several) that can impact the world... It's figuring out how to improve yourself and get your music out there.

    I wish you the best.

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  • This isn't bad at all. It is unique for me and it's normal if people does not appreciate your music because most of them are mainstream driven but don't get disappointed. It was people who doesn't understand it. This is my type of music probably

    I would want you to put this on Itune (apple music?) because that would get you more exposed. I listen to a lot of underground music from there. I won't bother to keep track of it. I really love this because it was rare to have girl and male vocal together or I didn't listen to song so much and there were screamo too. I hope I won't offence by using wrong words tho because I know nothing about music. Don't lose your dream yet.

    If you asking opinion from listener like me, I think it's perfect already and I am not picky. but if you really seeking it, I wanna hear the vocal a bit solid like I would want to hear it louder when screaming and wrapping around my ears than feeling a bit empty, It could be something that done with later editing (something like EQ..etc) (?sorry I am not a English speaker I know a bit only from my singer friend) It get a bit unclear when there were too many elements together but It was probably about vocal editing too. P.s. I am unprofessional

    The first song, the wind effect in the beginning was kind of werid and not matching with the song. I am not saying you should abandon the element because it's part of your idea but I think there could be better wind effects but it not too bad. I think the wind effect is a bit too long. I like it after (0:53) it rocks hard. (0:28 - 0:40) was a bit overdoes the bg music so the voice couldn't stand out.

    The second song with odd piano sounds mixed together, I like that too even if it werid. The male also have a unique voice too and I not sure if there is a male singer or not but yes

    The third song, in the beginning it has those police "wee- woo- wee-" sounds. I totally understand the use of it but I think It weird with fade in and fade out was too fast and the police sounds sound like a demo effect sound and flat for me (I wasn't saying it is bad) but imagine if it is dynamic with more up and down. I think the police sound should leave some time for the drum because two of it is mixed together. There might be a cut between it like *weowowow-* /cut/ da da *drum* would make it better and the transition would be smoother. or maybe just remove the effect sounds just to test it out (don't take my opinion seriously)

    The last songs, In the begining I personally think the drum speed wasn't fit quite well with the piano speed. The piano was kind of slow but the drum is having a faster beat than it. Also I find it a bit weird the drum (tsk tsk) sounds from 0:29 - 1:03 in the background inconsistently and the sounds are kind of small (unsure about it) but in the middle part 2:04 -2:27 is still good and nice but the high pitch sounds(probably about the song editing) wasn't enough for me. I would want the drum to be more powerful, sharp and strong than soft(2:10 - 2:11). I am wearing a decent headphones, so I hope it wasn't wrong too.

    To sum up, second song is my favourite. The drums are werid in some songs and a bit off to me, the vocal could be louder (could be done with vocal editing) normally I wouldn't be picking out things this small in a song but as you say you wan honest opinion. Here you are.

    P.s. I am not native English speaker but I enjoy songs. I may not understand what the lyrics fully say but the vocal sounds good. I really mean it.

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  • Alright, I think you're really good. Not anything that's gonna go mainstream on pop radio. Definitely don't try to mainstream any of this out. It's unique, and people dig hearing something different

    Music is personal, and getting started and noticed can be hard. You're not making pop music, but it's good. Just need to get it out there and people listening to it, Im sure a decent number of people will dig it.

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  • Maybe simplify the melodies a little so they stand out. There doesn’t seem to be any recognizable pattern to your music that people can remember. Also the random (keyboard generated?) sound effects don’t help the song at all, they sound a little cheap. You have a great voice but I’m not sure the Kermit version is working.

    Hope that helps. You have great potential, keep it up!

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  • good song nice guitars

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